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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science

The B.S. in MLS from UT Austin provides students with a solid foundation in general biology, and chemistry, as well as more advanced coursework in microbiology and chemistry. Students in this degree plan take three years of undergraduate coursework at UT. These courses serve as preparation for a fourth year of clinical training away from UT at an approved school of medical laboratory science. This option is referred to as a "3+1" program. Upon successful completion of the training program, the student is eligible to receive a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science degree from UT Austin.

The advantages to this program are that it is a four-year program and a degree is awarded from UT Austin. A UT degree is considered desirable if the student has aspirations for graduate, dental, or medical school. Students graduate after their fourth year not only with a bachelor's degree but also with their professional training completed, making them immediately employable as Medical Laboratory Scientists.

Students interested in Medical Laboratory Science may contact Micah Jackman, micah.jackman@austin.utexas.edu or visit the Biology Advising Center located in MBB 1.200.