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Registration Updates

Updated on 4/8/2021

Summer 2021 updates:

Pre-requisite Corrections:

  • No pre-requisites will be enforced for HDF s340 and HDF f378L during the Summer 2021 semester. 

Fall 2021 Updates:

New Classes: 

  • HDF 305 Health and Development Across the Lifespan
  • HDF 306 Intro to Gender and Sexuality

Reserved Classes:

  • HDF 322 is reserved for HDF majors. Non-HDF majors can register for the cross-listed class FIN 322F
  • HDF 304H is reserved for HAHDFS students. If you are a non-HDF CNS honors student, speak to your advisor if you are interested in the class. 
  • See more information about practicum and study abroad courses on the Spring 2021 HDF Classes tab. 

Pre-requisite Corrections:

  • HDF 266C and 266L: C- or better in HDF 313 and 113L; registration in both HDF 266C and 266L
  • “Consent of the instructor”: only required for practicum, field experience, and honors classes 


Additional Information

Lab before Lecture - HDF 313 & 113L Child Development and Lab

  • You must be registered for HDF 113L before you can register for HDF 313
  • If you are on a waitlist for HDF 113L and get into the lab, you are guaranteed a spot in HDF 313 

Pre-Requisite Waivers: contact the HE Advising Center at headvising@austin.utexas.edu if one of the following applies for an HDF class:

  • You are taking a pre-requisite class over summer break, haven’t transferred in a pre-requisite class taken outside UT, or haven’t claimed relevant AP credits yet
  • You meet the pre-requisite with an equivalent course not listed on the course schedule (ex you have credit for SDS 328M but not SDS 302)
  • You have permission from a professor to take an HDF course without the pre-requisites
    • Include proof of permission such as an email from the professor