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Food is a complex and rapidly emergent topic in today’s society. Of the seven billion people living on the planet, over one billion go hungry every night, and even more are overweight or clinically obese. In America and around the globe, topics ranging from global production practices, food safety, environmental sustainability, access to local and organic food production, and the content of school lunches, are all at the forefront of scientific inquiry, political debate, and dinner table conversation. Though food-related issues vary widely in focus, they are all linked by their complexity and deeply interdisciplinary nature, each relating to topics of health and nutrition, genetics, politics, culture, the environment, economics, and business.

The Food & Society Certificate at the University of Texas at Austin provides students with the opportunity to appreciate the full range of these interdisciplinary ties and apply new perspectives to their primary academic majors and careers. By equipping them with this broad foundation in the topics of Food Studies, students will be able to apply a more comprehensive understanding of the implications of their actions and decisions, find better solutions to today’s complex problems, formulate more effective public policy, become more informed and active citizens, and make healthier choices for themselves and their families. 

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