Bachelor of Science in Textile and Apparel


The following are the four degree streams we are currently offering for Bachelor of Sciences in Textiles and Apparel students: 

STREAM I: Apparel, Functional and Technical Design

The Apparel, Functional, and Technical Design option involves apparel and fashion design, computer-aided design, fashion show production and event organization.

STREAM II: Merchandising and Consumer Sciences

The Merchandising and Consumer Sciences track provides hands-on experience with rapidly evolving retail environments, intercultural practices and customs and consumer behavior.

STREAM III: Textiles and Apparel Honors (Dean's Scholars)

Textiles and Apparel capstone retail merchandising and apparel design programs that take students to high-profile venues and provide rich opportunities in honors programs. Students wishing to pursue this track must apply and be admitted to Dean's Scholars.

STREAM IV: Textile Conservation and Museum Studies

The Textile Conservation and Museum Studies program consists of garment conservation and museum management, and fiber and fabric testing.


Please go to the Degree Checklist webpage for each option's degree plan.