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TXA 301 Clothing the Planet

TXA 301 Clothing The Planet 2

Did you know the fashion industry is widely believed to be the second most polluting industry in the world?

What are fashion brands doing to become more sustainable?

  • Learn about the ways fashion brands are addressing sustainability at every step in the supply chain.

How can you make a difference in the fashion industry?

  • Whether you are a Business, Communications, Education, Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, or STEM major, you'll find out how an interdisciplinary perspective and innovation is needed to collaborate on complex issues that arise in the fashion industry. 

Fulfill your Ethics Flag requirement by taking this class!


- It was interesting to learn about the infrastructure of the fashion business and the many careers that the industry offers. I wish I took this class as a freshman or sophomore because I would have been a TXA major.

- Loved this course so much!!! It was super interesting and gave a great overview of the industry. This class confirmed that I wanted to change my major to TXA!

- The class material was very interesting and was well taught by Professor Wilson.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Wilson.