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TXA High School Challenge FLYER 20191


The fashion industry is making revolutionary changes in terms of sustainable design and production. Purchasing items that incorporate longevity and ethical sourcing are becoming priorities for both designers and customers. Accumulating a closet with cheap, unethically made clothing is no longer the future of the industry. For this challenge, the Division of Textiles and Apparel is asking students to design a sustainable garment AND develop branding material targeted to a specific market of their choice.

Step 1: Sketch a design that incorporates a sustainable element. Ideas include upcycling from previously worn clothing or sourcing sustainably produced textiles.

Step 2: Write a description of your target market. Create a logo and hangtag that speaks to that specific market.

Design and Merchandising Challenge: First, design an apparel item that incorporates a sustainable method. Include and identify the textiles you would use to create this design. Render the design in the accurate color and texture of the textile. You can show the garment in multiple views on the body or as a flat sketch. Next, create a logo and sketch of a hangtag that would be attached to the garment. TXA High School Challenge FLYER 2019 2Write a paragraph or bullet point description of the target consumer for this product. The presentation can be created by hand or by using computer software or a combination of both.

Instructions: Upload a 300 dpi JPEG of your apparel design and marketing material. Include the completed entry form and a written statement with your submission and upload to the following link. Make sure to include your name on the paper submission.

Complete the Online Form or pdfDownload the PDF version, complete and upload along with your design image. Please contact ortiz-malave@austin.utexas.edu if you have trouble with the submission.

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  • 1st prize $200, 2 reserved tickets to the Spring 2018 Fashion Show and a private backstage tour before the show.
  • 2nd prize $100, 2 reserved seats to the fashion show and a private backstage tour before the show.
  • 3rd prize 2 reserved seats to the fashion show and a private backstage tour before the show.



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