Advising Center

Our advisers are here to help you, our prospective and current undergraduate students, choose the best path to earning your degree. They will work with you to make semester-by-semester plans with the bigger picture in mind. Advisors are also here to keep you informed about course availability, educational options, degree requirements, policies and procedures; advisers are a tremendous resource, but you must be an active, prepared, reliable, and prompt participant in the planning process.

You can read more about  academic advising and about your advising responsibilities here.

The School of Human Ecology Advising Center

The Advising Center is located in GEA 37 (in the basement on the east side–the side closest to the new Norm Hackerman Building, NHB). If you need to contact the Advising Center by phone, the number is 1 (512) 471-7219.

Please bring your UT ID card with you when you meet with your adviser.

School of Human Ecology Advisers

School of Human Ecology, Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 


Martha Berry, Coordinator for Research, International, and Special Programs

Dr. Ladia Hernandez, Honors Coordinator