Why Your Gift Matters

If you attended the School of Human Ecology before 1990, the concept of fundraising was virtually unheard of. It is true that many generous alumni and friends have funded scholarships, fellowships, lectureships, and endowments for many years at UT, but the real need for fundraising is a fairly recent development. As times have changed, our need for external revenue has become of increasing importance.

Consider that in the mid-1980s, State of Texas allocations accounted for about 47 percent of UT’s budget. In recent years, that number had dropped to 13 percent. There is another misconception that the School of Human Ecology is supported by the vast oil wealth produced on university land.  While it is true that oil was discovered on property owned by UT in the early 20th century, that money is now supporting 17 institutions in the Texas A&M and University of Texas Systems. Human Ecology’s share is a smaller slice of the pie every year.

We continue to offer a first-class education at very low tuition rates. Resident tuition is ranked the fourth lowest in a peer group of nine state universities. Tuition and fees only account for one-fourth of UT’s 2012-13 budget. You support of our School matters more than ever.