Nutrition Student Interns at the Top of the World


Jenna Fahle, a senior nutritional sciences major, has found a wonderful way to beat the Texas heat this summer–she is interning in the land of the Midnight Sun.

Jenna is in Nome, Alaska working with the Norton Sound Health Corporation’s (NSHC) Summercise program, a summer-time diabetes prevention program for Alaska youth. Summercise is designed to prevent diabetes by stressing daily activity (like driftwood obstacle courses on the beach, dancing and gardening classes) and healthy eating (like freshly-caught sockeye salmon and seal oil). Jenna has also been working to promote wellness for Alaskan natives through the NSHC’s Summer Lunch, Healthy Start, WIC and Diabetes Prevention programs.

Jenna has been keeping a record of her experiences. You can find Jenna’s blog, Sundialing Alaska, here.