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The University of Texas Nutrition Institute (UTNI) is a joint effort of UT faculty and staff, generous alumnae, dedicated students, talented chefs, and Austin-area healthcare experts. UTNI presented its first conference in 2013 (please see archived events) and is continuing to develop content and events that combine the science of nutrition with the art of cooking.

UTNI began in 2012 when Dr. Monica Meadows, RD, LD and Susie Jastrow, RD, LD attended an innovative conference in Napa Valley called Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives. The overarching message, which Susie and Monica thought would work well on the 40 Acres, was that “our patients are listening but we are not talking. We need to talk to them about healthy eating and the way that preparing healthy food can be fast and affordable.”

Our Mission
   is to promote health & wellness by bridging nutritional science research, health care, culinary art
Advisory Board
Dr. Monica Meadows, Director
The University of Texas at Austin
Susan Jastrow, RD, LD, Co-Director
St. David's Foundation


Dr. Stephen Pont
Dell Children's Hospital
Joy Casnovsky
Sustainable Food Center
Margaret Connor
Start Craving the Good Stuff
Dr. Molly Bray
The University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Ladia Hernandez
The University of Texas at Austin
Lauren Brauer, RD
Dell Children's Hospita
Our Partners
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