Supported by a Provost’s Teaching Fellowship, Cook ‘em is an online collection of student-produced instructional videos designed to promote healthy eating through the application of nutritional science in daily life.  Using cooking demonstrations as a platform, Cook ‘em seeks to fulfill two complementary objectives:

1) Provide a multifaceted educational experience for students in the Nutritional Sciences Department of The University of Texas at Austin to utilize their knowledge and creativity to produce multi-media instructional materials that are informative, easily accessible, and engaging to their peers.  Through this project, they learn and develop a wide range of skills to effectively communicate valuable and useful information about diet planning, food preparation, and the nutritional value of healthy eating.

2) Provide a resource through which viewers learn how to prepare nutritious, student-friendly dishes, while also acquiring small “nuggets” of nutritional science in each video that help build a conceptual understanding of healthy eating.

Cook ‘em is an ongoing project that provides current and future nutritional science students with opportunities to create new videos for the collection, ensuring an ever-growing variety of content that continually enriches this resource.  Our vision is that Cook ‘em will not only expand viewers’ repertoire of self-prepared nutritious meals, but will also convey an understanding of the principles of healthy eating.  We hope that this project will have an immediate beneficial impact on viewers’ health as well as empower them to make wise choices about the foods they eat throughout their lives.