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Nutritional Sciences News & Highlights


NGSA September Newsletter

The NGSA has developed an anonymous google form that you can use anytime to submit any problems, barriers, or suggestions for the NGSA to bring before the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) or Graduate Student Assembly (GSA).

Welcome! The Nutrition Graduate Student Association (NGSA) is making some exciting changes this year! We would first like to welcome all students, entering and returning to the fall semester and wish you all mental and physical well-being. This year, the NGSA will feature a monthly newsletter letting all graduate students in the department know of upcoming events and opportunities. More importantly, we would like for this newsletter to serve as an outlet for graduate students to be able to let us know of any suggestions, concerns, and/or issues that may arise to help improve your experience in the program using the "Submission Box" and "Monthly Check-In" features to the left.

The NGSA'S Goal

We want to make sure things are going well for you! The summer departmental survey only had a 36.7% response rate, so we want to know barriers to completing these surveys. To those who responded, one clear request was that of additional coursework offered. 

Please let us know which courses you would like to see offered in the department in the near future.

​The primary goal of the NGSA this year is to serve as an acting liaison between the graduate students and the faculty and administrators. You may have noticed we now have a new position: GSA Delegate. The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) serves as the official voice of graduate students to UT Austin administrators, staff, faculty, Texas Legislature, and UT Board of Regents. Each department gets one formal vote that is to be casted by its respective GSA Delegate, who represents graduate students in the department. As a result, it is crucial for us to hear from you all. As we begin our involvement this upcoming year, we will include information in this newsletter pertaining to the efforts of the GSA so you can share your opinion on issues they are addressing at the time. Please feel free to contact them directly (utgsainfo@gmail.com) if you would like to share your views pertaining to their involvement on any and all issues. The NGSA wants you to know that we are here to serve each of you.

                                   INCOMING STUDENTS


The faculty have heard your requests and formed a Curriculum Reform Committee in hopes of adding more in-residence coursework in the near future! Be sure to complete the monthly check-in to let us know which of these courses you would like to take soon!


We want to know all of the amazing successes of our graduate students in the department. Please email Matthew Jeans (mjeans@utexas.edu) to let him know of your achievements as we should all celebrate in one another's success. These may include funding, publications, job offers, etc. 


The department is finalizing the seminar schedule for this semester. In the future, be on the lookout for information pertaining to all departmental seminars during each month!

Zoom links will be provided.

Kristi Pham | Bray Lab

Research Interests: Kristi wants to study eating behaviors amongst the general population and explore the gut microbiome and its effects on metabolism.

Talent/Interest: She enjoys bouldering when outside the lab. Let her know if you enjoy bouldering and know some great spots!

Madalyn Rosenthal | Burgermaster Lab

Research Interests: Madalyn is interested in patient-provider communication around nutrition for chronic disease management and is interested in working with patients, providers, students, caretakers, and community members to improve patient education within the healthcare system.

Talent/Interest: She is a foodie and loves cooking in her free time. Be sure to invite Madalyn to your dinner parties! 

Johnny Busquets | Tiziani Lab

Research Interests: Johnny is interested in using metabolomic and metabolic flux approaches to better understand aberrant metabolism in disease, particularly obesity and cancer.

Talent/Interest: His talent includes being able to fall asleep anywhere with little effort, and he is able to drink coffee before bed with no problem. Be a friend and make sure he stays awake when the busy time of the semester kicks in!

Charlotte Griffith | Leidy Lab

Research Interests: Charlotte is excited to explore various avenues of dietary interventions related to the management and prevention of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Talent/Interest: She is exceptionally good at walking her dog and wants to "get into yoga." Perhaps a trip to Zilker Park for a doggie play date is in order. Let her know if you have any tips for trying out yoga!

Kamille Piacquadio | Leidy Lab

Research Interests: Kamille's previous research focused on the impacts on body composition in broiler chicks after altering aspects of the maternal and starter diets to emphasize the importance of the maternal and perinatal diets while highlighting broiler chickens as a model for human myopathies. She hopes to focus on how nutrition can serve as a preventative measure for chronic disease moving forward.

Talent/Interest: She has previous experiences playing basketball and enjoys it now as a fun activity to relieve stress. Let her know if you enjoy playing basketball!

Be sure to say hello and introduce yourself anytime you see these new, friendly faces! We wish you all a wonderful transition into the graduate program!

                             UPCOMING OPPORTUNITIES

Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility in Research

Wednesdays 5-8pm

This is an 8-week course that covers the following:

•Ethical challenges in research, publication, and professional conduct

•Regular analysis and discussion of case studies

•Ethical decision-making models

•Ethical dilemmas you may face in your own career

•Graduate students register using the unique course number 46328. Postdocs can register here. This course begins on September 10!

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Workshop

September 16 | 1:30-3:30pm | Zoom Link

This workshop provides information on preparing a successful fellowship application.The NSF GRFP Award is $34,000 plus tuition and required fees, renewable up to 3 yearsEligibility: 1st and 2nd year graduate students in Engineering and the Sciences, including Social Sciences.

Fellowships and External Funding Workshop

September 18 | 2-3pm | Zoom Link