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Certified Family Life Educator
Child/Life Specialist
Early Intervention Specialist
Family Economics

Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE)

Our program offers students the opportunity to meet the requirements for provisional certification for a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE). This program is monitored by the National Council on Family Relations. Students must take a required set of courses and submit their transcript to NCFR, which provides the provisional certification. Students interested in CFLE will need to carefully monitor their coursework, ensuring that their support coursework and HDF coursework meet the requirements. For additional information about CFLE, visit For additional questions, please contact the HDF contact about CFLE, Mary Jane Burson, MS, CFLE.

Child Life

The focus of child life is to educate and reduce the stress of children and families who are in a hospital setting or dealing with personal or family medical issues. One of the placement sites for HDF 652F is in child life at Dell Children’s Medical Center. After the practicum, if the student is still interested in pursuing child life, the student must complete a 480 internship. For information about child life at Dell Children’s Medical Center, visit

ECI (Early Childhood Intervention)

ECI focuses on children aged 0 – 3 who are deemed not at age level. Delays range from mild to severe. ECI has a very strong focus on the family, as all visits take place in the child’s natural environment, which is the home or child’s day care center. Students interested in ECI should be human track. A required course for the ECI applied practicum is Introduction to Early Childhood Intervention (HDF 378K, SED 378T, or PSY 341K). Recommended courses are ALD 322 and SW 310. For more information about ECI click on

Family Economics

Those that are interested in family economics should take HDF 322 and HDF 347, and six hours of economics for their required course options. Support course requirements should be met with the Business Foundation courses. It is recommended that students interested in family economics be family track. For more information and


Those who are pursuing careers in teaching or work that deals directly with children should follow the Human Development Track. Excellent support courses are the ALD courses. Our major does not offer teacher certification at this time. However, many of our students have received their alternative certification from Texas Edudcation Agency. For the Austin Program, contact Region XIII. Those interested in administration should choose the Business Foundation Courses to fulfill support course requirements.

Career Placement Services

Students interested in HDFS career opportunities, suxh as Laboratory Research Assistant positions at other universities, as well as internships, etc., should contact the College of Natural Sciences Career Design Center. The college maintains a listserve for interested students.