Ted L. Huston


Emeritus - Amy Johnson McLaughlin Centennial Professor

HDFS Faculty
Office: SEA 2.448


Office: 512-471-5606


Work: huston.ted@austin.utexas.edu

Professor Huston studies how and why intimate relationships change over time. Using data drawn from a 15-year longitudinal study funded by both the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Mental Health, his research has examined the role of disillusionment in divorce, the connection between problems that surface during courtship and later marital distress, the impact of parenthood on marriage, gender differences in interpersonal styles, and marital roles. Thirty-three Ph.D. students have completed their degrees under his supervision and taken positions, both in universities and in the private sector. His former students have been President of the National Council on Family Relations, Editor of the Journal of Marriage and the Family, and the authors of more than twenty books and hundreds of articles on a variety of topics, including courtship, adult friendship, parenthood, trust, communication in marriage, and families and social networks. A recent survey placed both Dr. Huston and four of his former students among the thirty-five most influential social scientists studying personal relationships in the world. Professor Huston served as the third President of the International Society for the Study of Personal Relationships, and he has received the society’s award for Paper of the Year. He is currently writing a book, When the Honeymoon is Over: Why Some Marriages Succeed and Others Fail, for Harvard University Press.

In 2004, Dr. Huston was awarded the “Distinguished Career Award” for his many contributions to the scientific study of interpersonal relationships by the International Association of Relationship Researchers.

A description of Professor Huston’s program of research, his vitae, abstracts of his publications, and profiles of the students currently working with him can be found on his project’s web site: