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Gutierrez, Diana Lopez

Diana E Gutierrez lopez

Other University Affiliate
Department of Nutritional Sciences

Bray Lab

Office Location

Diana is a Nutritional Sciences PhD candidate in the Bray Laboratory with a background in Engineering and Molecular Biology. The Bray lab studies the influence of chrononutrition and physical activity on the gut microbiome and host health. Diana's goal is to identify how the timing of macronutrient intake affects the composition and function of the gut microbiome and how that in consequence affects the metabolic state of the host and long-term metabolic outcomes like obesity, fat deposition and insulin resistance. Her career objective is to investigate the relationship between dietary intake and gut microbiome function and use this knowledge to develop nutritional interventions that can improve human health.

Diana's current research focuses on the intersection of circadian rhythms and macronutrient intake and their combined effects on the gut microbiome composition and function. She conducts experiments in murine animal models and uses sequencing techniques to identify circadian changes in the composition of the gut microbiome.