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Walsh, Courtney

Courtney M Walsh

Visiting Researcher/Scholar
Department of Human Development and Family Sciences

Research advisors are Marci Gleason (HDFS) and Lisa Neff (HDFS)


Office Location
SEA 2.432

Courtney is a fifth year doctoral student in Human Development and Family Sciences, working with Dr. Lisa Neff and Dr. Marci Gleason. Her primary area of interest is adult romantic relationships. Specifically, Courtney is interested in understanding what the role of every day, routine interactions with a partner may have on relationship quality/development and how couples navigate important transitions (e.g., transition into marriage and transition to parenthood). Additional areas of interests include understanding the reciprocal associations between individuals' relationship quality and their self-concept clarity (e.g., how do relationships affect the self and how does the self affect relationships?)  

Slotter, E.B., & Walsh, C. (in prep). All life events are not experienced equally: The associations between emotional reactions, self- change, and role transitions predicting self-concept clarity.


Emery, L. F., Walsh, C., & Slotter, E. B. (2014). Knowing who you are and adding to it: Reduced self-concept clarity predicts reduced self-expansion. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 1948550614555029.

Emery, L. F., Walsh, C., & Slotter, E. B. (2015, February). Knowing who you are and adding to it: Reduced self-


concept clarity predicts reduced self-expansion (SPSP) in Long Beach California.


Walsh, C., Ward, D., Good, E., & Kurtz, J. E. (2014, March) Mother knows best: College adjustment and coping

           mechanism as reported by self, peer, and parent. Presented at the Association of Psychological

           Science (APS) conference in Arlington, Virginia.

Walsh, C. & Slotter, E. (2014, Feburary) How Viewing Self-Change Can Alter Self-Concept Clarity: The

                Experience of Becoming a Parent. Presented at the Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP)

                conference in Austin, Texas.

Ward, D., Slotter, E., & Walsh, C. (2014, February).  Following the 'Silver Linings Playbook': The role of

                redemptive narratives in individuals' emotional distress after the end of a romantic relationship

                Presented at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) conference in Austin, TX.

Walsh, C., Re, T., & Markey, P. (2013, June). Complimentarity and Relationship Quality in the Early Stages

               of Romantic Relationships. Presented at the Society of Interpersonal Theory and Research (SITAR)

               conference in Park City, Utah.

Research Methods (HDF 315L) Fall 2014

Family Resource Management (HDF 312) Spring 2015

Child Development (HDF 313) Fall 2015