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Boyle, Alaina

Alaina E Boyle

Research advisor is Aprile D. Benner (HDFS)

Office Location

Alaina Boyle holds a B.A. in Psychology and Economics from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a M.A. in Psychology from East Carolina University. Her research focuses on how culture, school, family, and socioeconomic factors affect psychological adjustment and academic outcomes in low income and ethnic minority children. She is particularly interested in how children navigate important transition periods and how that influences self-constructs, socio-emotional competences, and educational performance. 

Benner, A.D., Wang, Y., Shen, Y., Boyle, A.E., Cheng, Y-P, & Polk, R. (2018). Racial/ethnic discrimination and well-being during adolescence: A meta-analytic review. American Psychologist. doi: 10.1037/amp0000204

Benner, A. D., Boyle, A. E., & Bakhtiari, F. (2017). Understanding students’ transition to high school: Demographic variation and the role of supportive relationships Journal of Youth and Adolescence. doi.org/10.1007/s10964-017-0716-2

Benner, A.D, Boyle, A.E., & Sadler, S. (2016). Parental involvement and adolescents' educational success: The role of prior achievement and socioeconomic status. Journal of Youth and Adolescence. doi: 10.1007/s10964-016-0431-4

Taylor, L.C., Leary, K.A., Boyle, A.E., Bigelow, K.E., Henry, T., & DeRosier, M.E. (2015). Parent training and adolescent social functioning: A brief report on the Adolescent ParentWays intervention program. Journal of Child and Family Studies. doi: 10.1007/s10826-014-0106-2.

Okeke-Adeyanju, N., Taylor, L.C., Craig, A.B., Smith, R.E., Thomas, A., Boyle, A.E., & DeRosier, M.E. (2014). Celebrating the strengths of Black youth: Increasing self-esteem and implications for prevention. Journal of Primary Prevention. doi: 10.1007/s10935-014-0356-1.

2018      Claire S. Kolodzey Excellence Endowment Scholarship, University of Texas at Austin

2018      Cooke Scholarship, University of Texas at Austin

2017      Martha Ann Goss McGonigle Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin

2015      Joanna Kristine Howell Scholarship, Alpha Delta Pi Foundation 

2014      Graduate Recruitment Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin

Courses served as a Teaching Assistant: 

HDF 355: Research Practicum

HDF 371: Adolescent Development in Context

HDF 378L: Theories of Child and Family Development

HDF 313: Child Development

HDF 113L: Child Development Laboratory