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Jeans, Matthew

Matthew Jeans

Davis Lab

Pursuing both music and science, Matthew obtained his BM and MM in clarinet performance while completing both pre-med and nutritional coursework. He has had various research experiences, including an internship at the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand and completing independent research during his previous graduate program. Coupled with this, his work as a medical scribe in family medicine fostered his interest in nutritional sciences to focus on preventative care.

Matthew is now pursuing graduate coursework in nutritional sciences under the mentorship of Dr. Jaimie Davis. As a member of her lab, he is currently involved in TX Sprouts, a school-based gardening, cooking, and nutrition intervention. Paralleling his research interests in childhood obesity epidemiology and prevention, the TX Sprouts intervention was designed to reduce obesity and related metabolic diseases in low-income Hispanic youth and their families in Central Texas.

Matthew’s current research involves breakfast consumption and its association with various health outcomes, such as prediabetes and metabolic syndrome, and overall diet quality and composition. In the future, he hopes to have the opportunity to conduct research on nutrient timing and the gut microbiome.