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Bishop, Meg

Meg Bishop

Other University Affiliate
Population Research Center

Advisor: Dr. Stephen Russell

Office Location

Postal Address
AUSTIN, TX 78712

B.S. Haverford College 

M.A. University of Texas at Austin

Meg Bishop is a fifth year doctoral candidate in the Human Development and Family Sciences Department at the University of Texas at Austin, working in Dr. Stephen Russell's SOGI: Health and Rights Lab.

Research Interests

Meg's research examines the factors that influence identity development, health, and well-being among LGBTQ+ populations. Meg's current projects focus on life course and intersectional approaches to identity development among sexual and gender minority youth. Meg aims to produce rigorous research that informs programs and policies for eliminating disparities experienced by LGBTQ+ populations.

Areas of Interest:

  • LGBTQ+ identity development
  • Sex education
  • School policy and climate

Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Well-Being, Identity Development Processes, Sexual and Gender Minority Youth in School, Minority Stress Theory, Sexuality Education


(See Meg's Google Scholar Page for more information)

Bishop, M. D., Fish, J.N., Hammack, P.L., & Russell, S.T. (2020). Sexual identity development milestones in three generations of sexual minority people: A national probability sample. Developmental Psychology. Online first. https://doi.org/10.1037/dev0001105

Bishop, M. D., Mallory, A.B., Gessner, M., Frost, D., Russell, S.T. (2020). School-based sexuality education experiences across three generations of sexual minority people. Journal of Sex Research, 1-11. https://doi.org/10.1080/00224499.2020.1767024

Russell, S. T., Mallory, A. B., Bishop M. D., & Dorri, A. (2020). Innovation and integration of sexuality in family life education. Family Relations, 69(3), 595-613. https://doi.org/10.1111/fare.12462

Krueger, E.A., Fish, J.N., Hammack, P.L., Lightfoot, M., Bishop, M.D., & Russell, S.T. (2020). Comparing national probability and community-based samples of sexual minority adults: Implications and recommendations for population and health researchers. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 49, 1463-1475. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10508-020-01724-9

Russell, S.T., Bishop, M.D., Mallory, A.M., & Muraco, J.A. (2020). The use of representative data sets to study LGBT-parent families: Challenges, advantages, and opportunities. In A.G. Goldberg & K.R. Allen (2nd Ed.), LGBTQ-parent families: Innovations in research and implications for practice. New York: Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-35610-1_29

Gessner, M., Bishop, M.D., Martos, A., Wilson, B, & Russell, S.T. (2019). Sexual minority people’s perspectives of sexual health care: Understanding minority stress in sexual health settings. Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 1-12. https://doi.org/10.1007/s13178-019-00418-9

Under Review

Bishop, M. D., Ioverno, S., Russell, S.T. (under second revision). Sexual minority youths’ mental health and substance use: The roles of victimization, cyberbullying, and adult support. 

Mallory, A. B., Pollitt, A. M., Bishop, M. D. & Russell, S. T. (under second revision). Changes in depressive symptoms in a sample of lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth. 

Fish, J.N., Bishop, M. D. & Russell, S. T. (under review). Developmental differences in sexual-orientation-related substance use disparities among youth: Findings from population-based data. 

Pampati, S., Johns M.M., Szucs, L.E., Bishop, M.D., Mallory, A.B., Barrios, L.C., & Russell, S.T. (under second revision). Sexual and gender minority youth and sexual health education: A systematic mapping review of the literature. 

Ioverno, S., Bishop, M. D. & Russell, S. T., (under review). Does a decade of educator training on sexual and gender identity make a difference for students? 


In Preparation

Bishop, M.D., Mallory, A.B., & Russell, S.T. (in preparation). From light switch to landscape: A latent profile analysis of sexual identity development milestones in a national probability sample. 

Bishop, M.D. & Russell, S.T. (in preparation). The burden of being me: Testing the interpersonal theory of suicide in a population of sexual and gender minority youth. 

Bishop, M.D., Lagos, D., & Russell, S.T. (in preparation). Intersectional differences in gender identity developmental milestones in a nationally representative sample of transgender Americans. 

Mallory, A.B., Bishop, M.D., Reicz, G., & Zellner, M. (in preparation). Parents’ perspectives on sexuality education. 


Policy Publications and Reports

Bishop, M.D., DuPont, M., & Russell, S. T. (2019). Homophobic Bullying Increases during Debates about LGBTQ Rights. Austin, TX: The Stories and Numbers Project. Retrieved from http://www.storiesandnumbers.org

Bishop, M.D., Ioverno, S., & Russell, S. T. (2019). Promoting School Safety for LGBTQ and All Students in Texas. Austin, TX: The Stories and Numbers Project. Retrieved from http://www.storiesandnumbers.org

Dorri, A.A., Mallory, A.B., Bishop, M.D., & Russell, S. T. (2019). What Research Says about Comprehensive and Inclusive Sexuality Education. Austin, TX. The Stories and Numbers Project. Retrieved from http://www.storiesandnumbers.org

Ioverno, S., Bishop, M.D., & Russell, S.T. (2019). Being a Strong GSA Advisor. Austin, TX: The Stories and Numbers Project. http://storiesandnumbers.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/GSA-Advisor-Brief-teal-v3.pdf

SRCD Dissertation Grant

Poster Award: American Psychological Association Division 45 Conference on Culture, Race, and Ethnicity

Outstanding Reviewer Award, Journal of Adolescent Health

Instructor of Record:

HDF 306: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality

Teaching Assistant Positions:

HDF 340: Ethical, Philosophical, and Professional Development Issues

HDF 358: Parent-Child Relationships