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Widen, Elizabeth

Beth Widen

Assistant Professor
Department of Nutritional Sciences, School of Human Ecology

Amy Johnson McLaughlin Administrative Chair in Human Ecology | Amy Johnson McLaughlin Centennial Professorship in Home Economics


Phone: 512-232-1580

Office Location
GEA 313C

Dr. Widen is a nutritional epidemiologist with expertise in nutrition science, epidemiology, global health, obesity, maternal and child health and clinical translational research. Dr. Widen's research is funded by a K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development. 

Dr. Widen holds a BS in Dietetics from Miami University, an RD from University of Maryland at College Park, and a PhD in Nutritional Epidemiology from Gillings School of Global Public Health at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to completing her PhD, Dr. Widen was an Intramural Research Training Award Fellow at the National Institutes of Health. Following her PhD, Dr. Widen completed an interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia University.

Dr. Widen's research program applies an interdisciplinary life course approach to the intersection of nutrition sciences with reproductive, perinatal, pediatric and nutritional epidemiology. The goal of Dr. Widen's research is to develop and apply advanced analytic methods and interdisciplinary approaches to rigorously evaluate the role of nutrition during the first 1,000 days of life on short and long-term health.

Three complementary themes underlie Dr. Widen's research program: 1) the role of nutrition during pregnancy and lactation on short- and long-term maternal and child health; 2) the interrelationships between maternal and infant nutrition; and 3) developing and evaluating interventions to improve maternal and child health. In her work, Dr. Widen integrates advanced quantitative methods, nutritional assessment methods and a human biology theoretical orientation. Widen examines these themes in various contexts including HIV-infected, uninfected and exposed populations in Sub-Saharan African, and among mothers and their infants in New York City. Dr. Widen's currently funded research includes a R00 Pathway to Independence Award "Pregnancy weight trajectories and offspring adiposity" and a Thrasher Research Fund Early Career Award "Pathways between maternal nutrition, toxicant exposure, home environment and child neurodevelopment." 

At UT, Widen is leading a prospective cohort study of pregnant women and their infants in Austin, Texas. This prospective cohort is focused on body fat changes in pregnant women and neonatal adiposity. She is also conducting an infant feeding intervention in the Austin area with collaborators in Nutritional Sciences and Human Development and Family Sciences. 

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K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award, 2016-2021, NIH/NICHD K99HD086304

Best Paper in Obesity Research 2015, Science Unbound Foundation

Thrasher Research Fund Early Career Award, 2016-2018

Obesity Research Postdoctoral Training Award, 2015-2016, NIH/NIDDK T32DK007559

Interdisciplinary Nutrition and Population Health Postdoctoral Training Award, 2012-2014, NIH/NIDDK T32DK091227

Gerber Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship, 2011, American Society for Nutrition

Graduate School Fellowship in Science and Technology,  2008-2009, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill