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Orozco-Lapray, Diana

Diana L Orozco-Lapray

University Professional (Part-Time), Volunteer
Department of Human Development and Family Sciences, Department of Population Health

Research advisors are Su Yeong Kim (HDFS) and Jessica Duncan Cance, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Office Location

Diana Orozco-Lapray is a fourth-year doctoral student at The University of Texas at Austin. Through work with Dr. Su Yeong Kim, Diana explores language brokering, immigration and acculturation processes, and family functioning in immigrant families, particularly Mexican American families. Through work with Dr. Jessica Duncan Cance, Diana explores adolescents’ development and transition through puberty, with special attention to unique experiences of Mexican American adolescents and families. Bridging these interests, Diana’s research explores the development of sexual agency from early childhood through young adulthood within the context of family. Specifically, she is interested in the influence of family communication, sex education within the home, and cultural values on the development of sexual agency.

Hou, Y., Kim, S. Y., Wang., Y., Shen, Y., & Orozco-Lapray, D. (in
press). Longitudinal relationships between discrimination and ethnic
affect or depressive symptoms among Chinese American
adolescents. Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

Kim, S. Y., Shen, Y., Huang, X., Wang, Y., & Orozco-Lapray, D.
(2014). Chinese American parents’ acculturation and enculturation,
bicultural management difficulty, depressive symptoms, and
parenting. Asian American Journal of Psychology.

Kim, S. Y., Chen, Q., Wang, Y., Shen, Y., & Orozco-Lapray, D.
(2013). Longitudinal linkages among parent-child acculturation
discrepancy, parenting, parent-child sense of alienation, and adolescent
adjustment in Chinese immigrant families. Developmental Psychology.

Kim, S. Y., Wang, Y., Orozco-Lapray, D., Shen, Y., & Murtuza,
M. (2013). Does “tiger parenting” exist? Parenting profiles of
Chinese Americans and adolescent developmental outcomes. Asian
American Journal of Psychology.

Ammon, N., Kim, S. Y., Orozco-Lapray, D., Odunsi, O., & Park S. In
press. Korean-American children as language and cultural brokers. In
G.Y. Yoo (Ed.). Koreans in America. San Diego, CA: Cognella Academic

2013 AAJP Best Paper Award: "Does 'Tiger Parenting' Exist? Parenting Profiles of Chinese Americans and Adolescent Developmental Outcomes".

Orozco-Lapray, D. (2014, June 26). A Taxonomy of Adolescent
Decisions for Sexual Behaviors: A Latent Profile Analysis. Paper
presented at the 2014 Add Health Users Conference, Celebrating
20 Years of Add Health, Bethesda, MA.

Kim, S. Y. Wang, Y., Chen, Q., Shen, Y., & Orozco-Lapray, D.
(2013, August 1). Parent-child acculturation profiles and Chinese
American adolescents’ academic trajectories. Poster presented at
the 121th annual convention of the American Psychological
Association, Honolulu, HI.

Teaching Assistant: Child Development and Observational Lab

Teaching Assistant: Developmentally Appropriate Practices with Young Children

Teaching Assistant: Development of Psychopathology in Infancy to Adolescence

Teaching Assistant: Ethical and Professional Development

Teaching Assistant: Personal and Family Finance

Teaching Assistant: Family Resource Management

Graduate Assistant at the Priscilla Pond Flawn Child and Family Laboratory (in classrooms for ages 3 - 5yrs)

Discussion Instructor/ Graduate Assistant: Immigration and the Family Research Lab - Project SEED