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Undergraduate Program

Textiles and Apparel incorporates principles from arts, sciences, business, and humanities.

Apparel design: Students receive specialized instruction in constructing and designing apparel using computer-aided design. A special emphasis is placed on executing designs using technical textiles, novel technology, and eco-friendly materials.  Students translate original designs from two-dimensional renderings to technical packets that can be put into production all over the world.  Students are well prepared for careers in the apparel industry.

Conservation: Students are challenged to draw on all they know of history, anthropology, information sciences, popular culture, and textile science in pursuit of careers in museums, archives, libraries, and collections. Conservation curriculum places emphasis on the chemical properties of textiles and the preservation, conservation, and exhibition of textiles and apparel in museums and other collections.

Retail merchandising: Students are challenged to design and create environments and spaces to encourage the sale of a product or service. Students master elements of design, marketing, advertising, supply chain management, architecture, and textiles and apparel. Retail merchandising draws on each student’s ability to forecast trends; to work collaboratively; to present concepts and ideas in a compelling manner; and to plan, budget, and implement multifaceted projects.