Coordinated Program

The Coordinated Program in Dietetics at The University of Texas at Austin

The Coordinated Program in Dietetics is a highly regarded degree option that combines the academic and supervised practice experience to qualify graduates to become registered dietitians.  Five hundred and fifteen students have completed the program since 1978.  These dietitians hold a variety of challenging positions ranging from development of private label products at Whole Foods to starting a company that develops diabetes management software

to serving as head of NICU Nutrition at the Dell Pediatrics Hospital.  A recent survey of graduates found they are employed in clinical practice (48%), foodservice management (12%), community dietetics (8%), business/consultation (23%) and education/research (9%).  About one-fourth of program graduates have pursued a graduate degree within ten years of completing the program.

The program offers students a concentration in Adult Nutritional Health emphasizing long-term care and out-patient disease management or Nutrition Care of Children featuring pediatric in-patient and out-patient experience.

Congratulations to the CP graduates! T Becerra, J Brasher, S Eubanks, A Ferguson, S Kaskas, K Kessler, S Khoury, J Kolko, J Lawler, P Lee, T Lin, A Longoria, A Magness, M Medina, E Ng, A Pena, N Poulos, K Schall, L Sugarek